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B-24 Liberator 

Diamond Lil

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You can re-live history and ride on one of the rarest World War II bombers in existence by taking a “Living History” BOMBER RIDE. This unique in-the-air exper- ience allows you to sit in their seat and see and feel what our veterans encountered . . . minus the bullets and flak.

Don’t miss this “once-in-a-lifetime” experience. It is a definite must for your bucket list. Once airborne you will be able to get up and move around. Your trip back in time will allow you to honor the sacrifices of countless men and women who fought and died for our freedoms.

Seats sell fast and are often sold out by the time we reach a tour stop.   Buying online guarantees your reservation. 


To purchase a seat click on our tour schedule; there you will find out tour stops for this year.  If you can join us at one of these stops, click on the name of the city to get all the information about that stop, where you will find a link to purchase your seat.  

Check out the B-24 Liberator Tour Schedule to find out when the bombers will be in your area.

For more information call our Ride Coordinator at (972) 387-2924.

Rider Seat​

         $ 524 per seat

B-24 Seating Chart

Click on the image to see the chart

The B-24 has 10 seats located in the bomb bay and radio compartment sections.  Once airborne you may get up and move around the cockpit area.  Each rider will get the chance to experience all the available compartments.  This includes the flight deck where you will see the pilot stations.  Climb all the way back to the tail gunner position and sit in the sling.

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