C-45 Expediter

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The C-45 is a military transport version of the Beechcraft Model 18, which began its 32 year production lifespan in 1937. It was the result of Walter Beech’s desire in 1935 to build a low-wing monoplane to compete with the commercial biplanes of the day, like the Curtis Condor.

The C-45 was first ordered by the U.S. Army Air Corps for use as a staff transport. It was continually modified throughout its production life with changes like increased seating capacity and a longer nose. A navigator training version was put in service as the AT-7, and a float-version was designated the AT-7A.

The Model 18 was further modified during 1941 as the advanced trainer AT-11, equipped with a small bomb bay, transparent nose section, and two .30 cal. machine guns. This variant was used for bombardier and gunnery training. A photo reconnaissance model, designated the F-2, was the final wartime variant of the Model 18  The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps also acquired more than 1500 Model 18s during World War II, with respective identifiers of JRB and SNB.

Specifications (C-45F)
Engines: Two 450-hp Pratt & Whitney R-985-AN-1

Weight: Empty 6,175 lbs.,

Max Takeoff 8,727 lbs.

Maximum Speed: 215 mph

Ceiling: 21,400 ft.

Range: 850 miles

Production: 9,388

Flying Today: Approximately 250

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C-45 Expediter Bucket of Bolts

         $ 85 to ride in the VIP cabin seats
         $ 185 to sit in the co-pilot seat

         $475 to reserve the whole airplane for 5 passengers

Ride purchases for this plane are sold

on demand at the event.

The C-45 is the perfect airplane to ride for not a lot of money but a whole lot of fun. It is also a great airplane to take your family for a ride. Bring the kids and give them the experience they will never forget. 

C-45 Ride Flight Information

  • Typical flight time is about 20 minutes.

  • Minimum 5 riders required for flight.

  • Riders must be at least 6 years of age and accompanied by an adult. Each rider must purchase an $80 VIP cabin seat.

  • ​All minors between the ages of 6 and 17 must have a legal guardian present at the time of check in.

  • Riders under 12 cannot ride in the co-pilot seat.

  • This ride is considered low for flight intensity.